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Обновочки !!!

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короче так - дайсы "вспомнили" про БФ2142 = и запускают новый патч (ждите на прилавках вашего города!)


DICE has revealed new details on the apparently still incoming 1.51 update for Battlefield 2142 originally mentioned 18 months ago.

The patch, which hasn't been mentioned since late last year when it was put on hold because of a programmer working on BFBC2, has gone through some additional issues, including the team being forced into rebuilding all of the build scripts for BF2142.

Due to all of the issues faced the patch is still months off, but DICE assures us that it hasn't been forgotten about and is still very much on the way

и про очередной "высер" для бфбк2
Destroyerrus has announced the initial release of its Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Stats Viewer mod, now available for download.

The mod allows BFBC2 players to view their stats including overall statistics, weapon and vehicle stats, pins, medals and achievements as well as allowing players to modify ingame settings.

The file weighs in at 15 MB and can be downloaded now via ModDb. From the description:

With this software you can view your BFBC2 stats including overall stats, weapon stats, vehicle stats, pins, medals and archivements. Also you can modify your BFBC2 ingame settings. This is 0.97 alpha version. If you found some bugs, please report it.

переводить не буду - тут и так всё понятно..
за новости отдельное спасибо камраду Dante1717mx (пусть земля его инету будет пухом)



Не знаю хорошо это или плохо... Может лучше было-бы если бы они занялись одним проектом (BC2) ?



Хотелось бы что бы в новом патче была поддержка широкоформатных мониторов.



ээх... наверно жаль что я 2142 нахрен снёс))  :rofl:



Может это было как раз к лучшему))


Вы здесь » -=Community of Russian warriors=- » Новости » Обновочки !!!